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A belated post on Beef Stew with Guiness to welcome in St. Patrick's Day!

The Jade got tied down and is just now getting around to posting our Beef Stew recipe, made in celebration for St. Patrick's Day! Check out the video here!

Recipe: Beef and Guinness Stew [Any ingredient can be substituted, adjusted, or omitted depending on your personal taste. Be creative and make it your own!]

Ingredients list: -Olive Oil -3 lbs Beef Roast -6 oz Bacon -1 can Guinness (can substitute with 2 cups beef broth) -3 cups Beef Broth/Stock -2 Onions -4 Carrots -4 cloves Garlic -1 tsp Salt -1 tsp Black Pepper -3 tbsp flour -4 tbsp Tomato Paste -2-3 Bay leaves -3 sprigs Thyme

Mis En Place – prep and set aside: I. Mince garlic II. Chop onions III. Slice carrot to approximately 1.25” pieces IV. Dice bacon V. Cut beef roast into 2” cubes VI. Portion remaining ingredients

Cook and Serve: A. Pat beef dry and season with salt and pepper B. In a large pot, warm oil over high heat until shimmering, just before smoking C. Brown beef in batches on all sides. Do not overcrowd the pot D. Reduce to medium heat and add oil if necessary to lightly coat the bottom of the pot E. Add bacon, garlic, and onion and cook until the onion and garlic become translucent F. Add carrots and flour, cook until roux starts form. Add splash of Guinness/broth/stock if necessary to keep roux from burning G. Add Guinness (or substitute), beef broth/stock, thyme, and bay leaves. Cover and let simmer for at least 5 minutes H. Add tomato paste and mix well I. Add beef and beef juices back to the pot, cover, and simmer on low heat for about two hours or until the beef is tender. J. Remove lid, skim fat, and reduce until sauce reaches desired consistency, approximately 30-45 minutes. K. Add salt and pepper to taste L. Serve

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